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Marquand Tales


Marquand Tales, A Non Politically Correct Novel of Horror is about a small town in southeast Missouri where odd things happening are the norm, not the exception.  Marquand Tales tells tales about inbred red-necks, witches, rape, murder, Sasquatch, aliens, booger eating bastards, school proms, tainted moonshine, and what a motivated Soldier can do to cut a catastrphic event short.  Jesse James even makes an appearance.  Not written in a politically correct sense, if something needs to be said, it gets said in and around Marquand.

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"IBRNSOB is a combination of The Human Centipede meets Deliverance."

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"The car crash scene was so realistic, I was not surprised that it was based upon a true event.  People really suck."

A Reviewer talking about Weddings Suck

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